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About Us

US Lacrosse is the National Governing Body for the sport of Lacrosse and our Chapter is an extension of US Lacrosse. Our Chapter, like every Chapter, shares the same DNA as US Lacrosse, Inc. We are a volunteer-led extension of USL and its 501c3 charitable status sharing local responsibility for serving the Gulf Coast lacrosse community. We are part of the Chapter Network (currently 67 chapters nationwide) and we strive to extend the national USL brand to the local communities we serve.

Our Chapter exists to serve players, parents, coaches, officials, program administrators, leagues, members and fans in our approved geographic region on the West Coast of Florida.

Our primary responsibilities Include:

  • Implement US Lacrosse National Standards (e.g. Youth Rules & Best Practices), and be the delivery mechanism for programs (CEP, OEP, & PCA), and services (Grants, Education & Training) to all constituents in the given geographic region.

  • Deploy local and national lacrosse news and communications to all constituents.

  • Attract, train and retain quality volunteers for local chapter and national service.

  • Maintain comprehensive organizational capacity capable of remaining fully compliant with all US Lacrosse governance.

  • Being fiscally responsible to the constituents with US Lacrosse funds and those funds self-generated through tournaments, events, local fundraising and sponsorships.

  • Create and operate its own programs, services and events in accordance with the US Lacrosse mission, vision and the Chapter Agreement.

  • Be seen as the unbiased support system for all lacrosse constituents in the geographic region.

The success of our Chapter is directly related to the value we provide our local lacrosse community and constituent organizations. We strive to reflect the following values in order to most effectively support the vision and mission of US Lacrosse:

  • Service – Serve all constituents and constituent organizations in the geographic region.

  • Transparency – Operate with openness and integrity fostering greater constituent support.

  • Collaboration and Engagement – Conduct outreach that produces positive and productive relationships that serve to advance the sport.

  • Excellence – Advance Quality in all organizational processes driving success in the organization.

  • Growth - Expand opportunities for all constituents in the community

  • Accountability – Provide good stewardship of resources

  • Results Driven - Measure and Monitor results while maximizing resources.